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Why you should consider using a seasonal bag design

10 July 2019

More and more businesses are taking advantage of their packaging and utilising it as a marketing and advertising ‘tool’. Custom retail bags are a common sight on any high street or shopping mall, being used to carry new purchases, whilst boldly advertising the store in which they were bought – great marketing effectively using the customer as a ‘walking billboard’ for their products and brand! 

To be truly effective with this ‘free’ marketing opportunity though, it is a good idea to remain ‘topical’ and relevant – one way to do this is to keep your promotional shopping bags seasonal.

Here are some aspects you should consider when designing your custom retail bags:

Don’t over order or use specific dates

Consider the numbers required for the season you are targeting – after all, it’s not a cost effective move to produce three month’s quantities of bags with a Christmas logo or theme! If specifically themed bags are used ‘out of season’, it can appear that your business is not keeping up with your competitors.

There are different ways to deal with this situation – using a company like Speedy Bags, who offer cost-effective limited runs of individual designs, will allow you to order the appropriate number of bags of a certain design to cover the relevant period.

Another alternative is to be a bit more strategic in your bag design. Ensure that your design features images and text that is appropriate for the season but is not ‘time bound’ – don’t include any dates or years in it. This serves a purpose in two aspects – one, any surplus bags from this year’s season can be used for the same season next year, plus, if your design can be used repeatedly, then when ordering bags for next season, the repeat order won’t incur any design costs – just the cost of printing and production.

Encourage social media interaction by using hashtags

When considering your promotional shopping bags design, incorporate hashtags. This is a great way to grab the attention and interest of the public, especially the younger element of your customer base.

If your bespoke paper bags are displaying a hashtag, it will encourage existing and potential customers to interact with your other social media marketing vehicles, such as Twitter and Instagram, boosting potential sales and your overall brand awareness.

Create an eye-catching bag design

Ensure your design makes the most of the available space on your custom retail bags – make it topical to the season, not ‘too busy’, and eye-catching to the customer. Offer enough information to encourage further interaction, but no so much that it becomes difficult to read or digest. 


SpeedyBags, a new and unique service allowing you to create your own luxury retail carrier bags. Using SpeedyBags you can design custom paper bag designs using our online templates. If you need any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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