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Top benefits of promotional business bags

20 August 2019

In the competitive and ever-changing environment of advertising and marketing, one of the more ‘traditional’ forms still has a more than effective impact in the raising of the profile of a business – promotional shopping bags! They are practical, relatively cheap to produce and will always boost your business brand and image – as well as your profits! Here are some reasons you should consider promotional branded bags as an advertising option:


Brand recognition and market place retention are vitally important in business, regardless of whichever business sphere you operate in. With vibrant market environments, and the growth of more entrepreneurial independents constantly entering the markets, both at home and internationally, achieving this goal becomes more difficult. Branded promotional business bags can be a positive aid in achieving this.

Well-designed and printed branded bags, with clever image and logo placement, can help increase brand awareness significantly. Whilst some may think this is only relevant in the retail sector, branded bags can be a great brand awareness-raising vehicle in any business environment.

Research shows that people who use promotional business bags regularly, and become familiar with the brand, will become loyal to it. This leads to repeated use of the bags and, therefore, repeated exposure of your logo, message and image.


If you think about it, every time somebody is seen carrying a bag with your brand boldly displayed on it, they are acting as an advertising agent for you!

If your bag is attractive and good quality, people are inclined to re-use it for other things. If someone is regularly re-using your branded bag, then their family, friends and work colleagues will regularly see that person carrying the bag, time and time again, thus creating an almost subconscious recommendation from that person of their trust in that brand. The more your shopping bags are carried, the more free exposure you get – your customers become, effectively, walking billboards for your business!  

Company Image

Your branded shopping bags can help promote your company image in ways other than just displaying your name and logo. If you have your promotional business bags manufactured with eco-friendly materials, as a growing number of businesses do, then this automatically sends the message to customers that you are an environmentally-responsible business.

Environmental responsibility of businesses is of growing importance today, with an ever-increasing number of consumers taking into consideration the materials used by businesses in the production of their goods. A company that demonstrates this responsibility in the manufacture of their promotional bags will give the impression of assuming the same responsibility in their wider business practices.


These branded bags can be tremendously versatile beyond their use as a vehicle for carrying any initial purchase. People use them as kit bags for the gym, laptop bags as well as reusing them as shopping bags.

Their durability gives them a substantial ‘shelf-life’ for practical use. If you have bags with an eye-catching and interesting design, then you can guarantee that this logo, or message, will be seen repeatedly over a long period of time.

Cost Effective

In comparison to many other forms of marketing and advertising, promotional business bags can be a relatively cheap option to produce and can have long-lasting, exceptionally positive results!  Generally speaking, the more you order, the cheaper they become as individual marketing tools.


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