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Create spooky halloween themed retail bags

20 September 2019

The Halloween holiday has been significantly growing over recent years, as we follow the lead from ‘across the pond’ in the USA of celebrating the day. Gone are the days of a simple ‘duck apple’ game at home, and our culture now embraces an ‘all-out’ celebration of themed Halloween parties, dramatic costumes and ‘trick or treating’ from house to house.

Many retailers are taking advantage of the occasion by producing specific Halloween merchandise – even the large food superstores cater for the holiday with aptly renamed products, reflecting the themes of ghosts, ghouls, zombies and witches!

Why not take advantage?

With this raised awareness of, and participation in, the holiday, there is a real opportunity to take advantage for your own business and boost your brand and products. Promotional business bags are great vehicles for getting your brand noticed and raising your business profile – they are really effective promotional tools that can be used in any retail environment or at corporate events.

Personalised Halloween gift bags

High quality gift bags can be very eye-catching – the packaging for a product says a lot about what the contents are – the more high-end the bag, the more people assume that whatever is in it, is equally as impressive and valuable. The use of a seasonal theme always attracts people’s attention – just about every business produces Christmas–themed versions of their product – and the packaging to accompany them! There is no reason why Halloween packaging shouldn’t be equally effective!

Halloween paper bags

Companies such as Speedy Bags provide a quality service that allows you to create your own luxury printed paper bags. You can access an online design tool that enables you to create your own branded paper bags with a design of your choice.

Whilst there are a number of high-end designs to choose from throughout the year, Speedy Bags have provided a specific design range for the Halloween period. You can choose from one of their Halloween-themed templates, Halloween Witch Legs, Cats Eyes, Zombie Hands or RIP Gravestone and edit them accordingly online to produce your custom-made bags, or, alternatively, you can provide an entirely unique design of your own.

Either way, you can have quality branded Halloween carrier bags that will attract attention and promote your business when seen by potential customers, or business partners, when being repeatedly used.


SpeedyBags, a new and unique service allowing you to create your own luxury retail carrier bags. Using Speedy Bags you can design custom paper bag designs using our online templates. If you need any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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