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Morrisons ban the use of plastic bags for fruit and veg

1 July 2019

As public awareness – and concern – continues to rise in regard to the amount of damage our consumer habits are having on the environment worldwide, high street retailers are coming under ever-increasing pressure to ‘do their bit’ to reduce and minimalize these effects. The Morrisons supermarket chain are the latest to take up the challenge by becoming the first supermarket to remove packaging from its fruit and vegetable selections.

Plastic packaging in retail – the big concern

One of the big concerns for consumers is the amount of plastics being found in the world’s oceans and the environment in general. Other supermarket chains have already made inroads in dealing with the problem – Waitrose removed all plastic bags from their stores earlier this year – and major high street chain Tesco started on their declaration from 2018 to “ban hard-to-recycle plastic packaging by 2019, and make all packaging fully recyclable by the year 2025”.

Waitrose have substituted all their plastic, with a highly compostable alternative, whilst Tesco have started a trial removing a selection of pre-packed, plastic-wrapped fruit and vegetables where loose alternatives are practical and available. These include major ‘everyday’ items such as apples, bananas, onions, mushrooms and peppers. Waitrose also announced that it would remove all disposable paper cups from its stores as part of their environmental campaign.

The Morrisons initiative

Morrisons has now joined the arena by launching their “buy bagless” initiative – this follows a ten-month trial in three stores where an option to buy ‘loose’ item alternatives, resulted in a 40% increase in sales of these selected products.  They estimate a similar uptake for their buy bagless campaign, as people switch from pre-packed to loose alternatives – estimating that this could save up to three tonnes of plastic being used every week!

The Director of fruit and vegetables at Morrisons stated that “Many of our customers would like the option of buying their fruit and veg loose” and that, with this campaign, the retailers were trying to “go back to traditional greengrocery” and create an area within the stores with no plastic options, where consumers can pick as much or as little as they liked. When customers buy loose fruit and vegetables, they can either, take them to the checkout loose, or use Morrisons recyclable paper bags. It is intended to roll out this campaign in 60 of their stores this year.

Retailers corporate responsibility 

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