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Make your retail bags more than just a bag

25 January 2019

Very often we consider a carrier bag to be just that – a simple way to package our newly-acquired goods and carry them home. Most businesses will provide an appropriate bag in which to carry your purchases – however, as a business, you’re potentially missing a great advertising and marketing opportunity if you don’t consider using this particular branding tool.

Whether it’s a simple plastic or paper bag, or a more substantial material carrier bag, it’s a great ‘space’ to utilise in getting your brand better known and more recognisable. It’s the chance to turn your customers into ‘walking billboards’ for your product! Here are some things to consider when designing your branded carrier bags:

Consider the material of your branded bags

You should consider trying to match your product with the right type of bag. What sort of material is befitting of your product – and, indeed, your brand? Choose a material that is most appropriate for your product – how practical does the bag have to be? For example, if your product is jewellery or another small, lightweight luxury product, then you don’t need an industrial, strong bag, but rather something that is aesthetically pleasing – that gives the impression of high-end luxury – so consider, perhaps, a printed, luxury laminated bag.

If your product is something physically larger and heavier, then perhaps a more substantial bag is required – but that doesn’t mean that it has to be any less attractive or effective as a marketing vehicle. 

 Use colours that complement your branding

Always consider the colours you want to use on your custom retail bags. If your company logo is to make up part of the image to appear on the bag, then ensure that you use colours that are easily recognisable and associated with your particular brand. Again, depending on your actual product, decide whether colour combinations are appropriate – do you want a vibrant splash of colour to attract attention or, if a luxury item, perhaps a single, understated minimalist colour is best to portray your business – think Tiffany’s and their simple, pale blue luxury carrier bags – everybody recognises it! 

Include key messages

A top tip for creating retail bags is to include a ‘tag line’, or phrase, that people associate with your business – a catchy slogan or message will stick in people’s minds.

An image can convey your key messages

You don’t have to be restricted to putting words or slogans on your branded carrier bags – if you want to display a full printed image on them you can – sometimes the right image will convey a message far more effectively than words will ever do! If you have an image that people will automatically recognise as your brand, then print it on your carrier bags and get the image out there!

Remember, reusable, branded carrier bags allow everyone who uses them to be part of your business salesforce – so the better quality the bag, the more often someone carries your message, and your product, with them for others to see!


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