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How your bags influence customer perception of your products

29 March 2019

There was a time when you went shopping, the bag you carried your purchases home in was just that – a carrier bag! Today, however, packaging has become an essential part of the buying process – it is, in itself, a promotional tool that, not only reduces marketing and advertising costs, but also actually increases sales. The right packaging can capture a consumer’s attention towards your brand and stimulate the customer perception of the actual product inside. A distinctive package can give a product identity and influence consumers to choose yours over similar products available in the market place.

Here are some aspects to consider when thinking about your company’s bags for business and packaging:

First impressions

When customers are buying a product for the first time, the way the product is presented to them can wholly determine their perception of the item and your brand.

Premium packaging

High quality branded carrier bags can make a brand appear more affluent and expensive. This is especially significant in ‘luxury’ or ‘personal’ products – items such as beauty products, speciality food and jewellery. If you think about, for example, Tiffany’s the jewellers – everybody immediately recognises their custom paper bags – the powder blue colour is synonymous with their products and consumers automatically associate it with quality and prestige.

Product packaging

The packaging itself has a big influence on how customers view your brand and, therefore, your products. Every feature of your branded carrier bags should be considered – from colour, design, text and, increasingly so, eco-friendliness – all these aspects will affect consumer opinions.

Logo placement

Another consideration is the actual placement of your company logo, or brand, on you custom paper bags. While it may seem strange to highlight your company rather than your products themselves, research shows that logo placement leads to enhanced brand recognition in consumer’s minds and evokes positive feelings of brand superiority. The higher up on the packaging you place your logo, the more it will reinforce that sense of superiority and quality. 


Branded packaging makes a significant difference when it comes to customer recommendations and brand image. Remember, anyone leaving the shop carrying their purchase in you custom paper bag is automatically advertising your brand and product for all to see. It is, in effect, a personal recommendation of your product!


As stated earlier, people are more conscious of environmental issues than ever before – if your company is using eco-friendly material for their packaging, such as paper bags, then it demonstrates to consumers a corporate responsibility. This, in turn, promotes to consumers the impression that your products will carry the same considerations.


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