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How to ensure your bags are re-used again and again

23 July 2019

The retail market place is forever changing and becomes more and more competitive. It is important to find ways to elevate your products above those of your competitors, and make yours the brand of choice. One way to help with this brand reinforcement, and increase your market place presence, is to make effective use of your actual product packaging.

Your customers act as your marketing salesforce every time they step out in public carrying one of your retail bags – so what can you do to ensure that they use your bags repeatedly?

Here are some things to consider when designing and ordering your retail bags:

  • High quality branding and bag design
  • A distinctive handle
  • A luxury laminated finish
  • Choosing the right print options

High quality branding and bag design

Primarily, you will want a design on your bag that not only strongly represents your brand, but is also attractive to look at! Your design needs to appeal to your customers so that they will want to use the bag many times beyond their initial purchase. As with all marketing your printed bags should be seen as an extension of your branding and play an important role in your marketing strategy.

A distinctive handle

Many people overlook the value, and impact, a distinctive handle on a bag can have. Whilst it is natural to concentrate on the aesthetic look of the body of the bag itself, the handle can offer more than just a practical functionality. Whilst quality paper bags can be fitted with flat or twist handles, laminated bags can be finished with a whole host of attractive options.

These luxury paper bags can be dressed with long, or short, handles made of ribbon, rope or even punched with metal eyelets and threaded with ribbon or other materials. You could thread handles made of a material that complements the actual purchase the bag contains – for example, if the bag contains shoes, the handles could be like shoelaces!  

A luxury laminated finish

You can customise your retail bags by laminating them. This will elevate your bag to luxury status by providing a sophisticated and ‘high-end’ finish – you can have a gloss or matt lamination finish, whichever better suits your brand and your retail bag design. You can highlight specific aspects of your design, or brand logo, by having a spot UV Varnish applied to the relevant image. This will add both a visual, and textured, detail quality to your luxury paper bag.   

Choosing the right print options

Which print option you choose for your retail bags will depend upon the type of bag you use, and what you want the retail bags to represent. You can have your bags produced with full colour printed images or photographs, or just with a minimalistic content with spot colouring. The important thing to consider is what effect you want your bag to have.

If you want to specifically reinforce your brand image when viewed, then you need to ensure that you use the same type text and images that appear on the rest of your marketing merchandise and outlets – for example, the bag design should mimic the colours and / or images that appear on your website, business premises and vehicles and other printed advertising literature (brochures, business cards etc.). Remember that your bag design will also influence customer perception of your products.

Any, or all, of these options can be applied to your retail bag design and production, making the difference between your bag being used merely to carry home an initial store purchase, or being paraded around again and again for the general public to see!


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